Jobs That Pay Off Student Loans in 2022

What is student loan pay Off Loan?

Student loan forgiveness is a type of the program that helps employees manages their student loan debt. Some employers work with federal programs to eliminate the deficit, while others pay off part or all of your student loans for you. Understanding the student loan forgiveness program your employer offers can help you choose the best career and employer for your education, experience, interests, and financial goals.

Jobs That Pay Off Student Loans

You can work in various industries and specific roles and qualify for student loan forgiveness. In addition, some organizations often provide some form of student loan forgiveness to all their employees. Consider this list of industries and organizations, along with example jobs, that offer some form of student loan forgiveness:

Health care

Many healthcare professionals can offer student loan forgiveness, although the specifics depend on your employer and your loan details. However, if you are looking to work in health care and seek debt forgiveness, consider one of these careers:

1. Nurse

Primary Duties: A nurse is responsible for the caring for sick or injured patients. Typical job duties may include:

  • Taking a patient’s medical history.
  • Supporting and assisting other medical professionals such as physicians.
  • Providing treatment as directed.

2. Pharmacist

Primary Duties: A pharmacist is responsible for the safely dispensing medications to patients. Typical job duties for pharmacists may include:

  • Monitoring drug supplies.
  • Supervising a staff of technicians.
  • Providing safe medicines to patients.

3. Dentist

Primary Duties: A dentist is responsible for taking care of the teeth and gums of patients. Many dentists evaluate patients’ teeth and gums for disease, recommend treatment as needed, and sometimes collaborate with other medical professionals.

4. Physician

Primary Duties: A physician is responsible for providing preventive and reactive care for his patients. Physicians can perform tasks such as providing annual checkups, providing diagnoses and treatments when patients are ill, and overseeing long-term patient care when needed.

The government

Government employees at all levels of the government may qualify for exceptional public service loan forgiveness programs. To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Are employed by the United States federal, state, local, or tribal government or nonprofit organization;
  • Work full-time for this agency or organization
  • Have Direct Loans (or consolidate other federal student loans into a Direct Loan)
  • Repay your loans under an income-based repayment plan; and
  • Make 120 eligible payments

Public services, public services, public services, public services

Some public service positions, especially those in high demand, offer loan waiver options. Some are sponsored through your employer, while other options are available through government programs. Some of the most common public service positions that offer loan forgiveness include:

1. Teacher

Primary Duties: The teacher is responsible for training his students. Many teachers create lesson plans, communicate with internal and external stakeholders, guide students, evaluate student work, and collaborate with their colleagues.

2. Social worker

Primary Duties: A social worker ensures community members have the resources to lead healthy lives. Many social workers perform tasks such as meeting with clients, providing support during challenging times, and collaborating with physicians and other social caregivers to ensure their clients have the necessary resources.

3. Lawyer

Primary Duties: A lawyer represents his clients in legal matters. Generally, lawyers perform tasks such as meeting with clients, providing advice and legal guidance, representing their clients in court, and writing and serving legal documents as needed.


You may access student loan forgiveness and repayment options as a current or former military member. Below are examples of military jobs that may help you qualify:

1. Soldier

Primary Duties: A soldier is responsible for supporting the armed forces’ mission. Typically, soldiers in the United States military perform job duties such as maintaining physical fitness, collaborating with colleagues to solve problems, and participating in training exercises to prepare for potential deployments.

2. Military Police

Primary Duties: An Army Police Officer is responsible for the safety of military installations and their occupants. Typical job duties for an army police officer include patrolling their assigned area, checking identification at installation gates and exits, and making arrests when necessary.

3. Infantry

Primary Duties: An infantryman is responsible for preparing for potential ground combat as a member of the United States Army. Many foot soldiers perform on-the-job duties such as extensive training for deployment, learning to operate machinery and weapons, and maintaining high physical fitness.


Eligible nonprofit employers can receive student loan forgiveness from the government. Talk to your employer or research nonprofit loan forgiveness programs to learn more. Typical nonprofit jobs that often qualify include:

1. Free contribution to the author

Primary Duties: A grant writer is responsible for securing funds for their organization. In most cases, grant writers perform tasks such as developing proposals for potential grants, writing the actual grant application, and soliciting and attending grant-related meetings with internal and external stakeholders.

2. Special Events Coordinator

Primary Duties: The Special Events Coordinator manages all special events for their organization. Special event coordinators typically handle job duties such as finding and securing event venues, coordinating decorations and entertainment for the event, and managing the event’s day of event organization and execution.

3. Program Leader

Primary Duties: The Program Manager ensures that all organization programs are running smoothly. Typically, program managers perform tasks such as meeting with other program directors and internal stakeholders, preparing and tracking budgets for programs, and evaluating the quality and effectiveness of programs provided.

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