How to write an insurance resume objective

What is the purpose of resume insurance?

The objective of an insurance resume is a one- to two-sentence summary of an insurance professional’s desired career path and why they are a good fit for a particular job. It’s the first thing hiring managers at insurance company’s do, after contact information, when reviewing job candidates’ resumes.

Resume objectives are helpful for insurance professionals such as:

  • Claims representatives
  • Claims adjusters
  • Sales representatives
  • brokers
  • Managers

This is especially useful for those with the limited work experience or changing careers. The objective of an insurance resume should be to demonstrate the candidate’s strengths and encourage the hiring manager to consider them for the job.

How to write the insurance resume objective

Follow these steps when writing the resume objective for an insurance company job that convinces the employer you know what you want from your career and that you have the skills to achieve it:

1. Study the job description

Posting for the insurance job you’re applying for can give you helpful clues about what to include on your resume. Look for the keywords, job requirements, qualifications, skills, and 4the responsibilities. You can write an objective resume that shares these elements if you know what the company expects from the role and the experience needed to achieve it. For example, if the post says that candidates need at least five years of experience in insurance sales, include phrases such as “Insurance agent with more than six years of target sales.”

To increase your chances of getting the screening call or interview, update your resume to match each insurance job you apply for.

2. Include your documents

If you have little work experience: the state in your resume that you are a recent graduate of a specific program. Insurance professionals with expertise should include the years they have worked in the industry or a more general term such as “experienced insurance broker.” If you have received sales or insurance certification, add the word “Certification” to the objective of your resume. You only have a few sentences to convince the hiring manager that you’re well-qualified, so include as many vital credentials and experience as possible.

3. Mention your most vital skills

Highlight one or more skills that show you are prepared for the job’s responsibilities. The exact skills you mention will depend on your strengths and the type of insurance job you are applying for. A claims representative, for example, must have communication, research, organization, multitasking, and analytical skills. A claims adjuster may be well organized and have strong teamwork skills. A sales representative must have interpersonal, motivational and communication skills.

4. State your purpose

Share your career goal, which may be a short-term goal, such as getting an entry-level job as a claims representative, or a long-term goal, such as growing professionally with a reputable insurance company. Ideally, your plan is aligned with the company’s goal of hiring for this position. For example, you might provide administrative support to an insurance agency.

5. Enter the company name

Customize your resume objective by including the insurance company’s name in your statement. For example, you might be “seeking an insurance broker position with Espress LLC.” These details add a personal element and separate your resume from the generic resumes other candidates have submitted to many insurance companies.

Insurance resume objective examples

Here are 14 insurance resume objectives for various positions and experience levels. Use it to motivate your insurance resume goal:

  • A highly productive claims representative with six years of experience and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills is seeking a long-term position with a reputable insurance company.
  • Experienced insurance professional with excellent research, analysis, and customer service skills looking to re-enter the industry as a sales agent with a current insurance company.
  • A recent Carver College graduate with an economics degree and excellent writing and research skills aim to launch a career as a claims representative with a nationwide agency in the insurance industry.
  • A Customer Service Professional with high customer satisfaction ratings and strong organization and communication skills is seeking a position as an Insurance Claims Representative with Encounter LLC.
  • A results-driven professional with four years of experience and a passion for research and investigation aimed at developing a career as a claims representative with Southeast.
  • Adaptable team player with a deep understanding of industry principles and six years of experience seeking an Insurance Service Representative position with Georgia Group.
  • A forward-thinking insurance claimant with exceptional multitasking and interpersonal skills is looking to join and support a fast-paced and multi-faceted insurance company.
  • Recent college graduates with strong interpersonal skills and a passion for risk management seek an entry-level position as an Insurance Services Representative with Horizon Inc.
  • Experienced administrative professional seeking Insurance Services Representative position with Wingate Inc. Brings high-level organizational skills to insurance records, bookkeeping, billing, and data management.
  • Talented and self-motivated insurance agent with eight years of experience seeking employment with a client-oriented organization. Have industry knowledge and customer service skills to sell various insurance packages.
  • A top-performing insurance agent with a proven record of providing excellent service and customer retention is to bring excellence and growth to McLean & Sons.
  • An AIC Certified Insurance Broker with exceptional communication skills and motivational abilities is seeking a long-term career with a reputable company in the industry.
  • Quick learner with a passion for data-driven results seeking entry-level insurance agent jobs with Wealth United. Intense multitasking and customer service skills to help the company achieve sales goals.
  • An insurance executive with more than ten years of supervisory experience brings leadership skills and a track record of acquiring new clients to Fosse Brothers.

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